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I offer structured fitness sessions around the clock - either in person, at a studio, at home (I'll come to you), or via computer or smartphone (Skype, FaceTime). Sessions range from 30-90 minutes.

Personal Training


Starting off on your fitness journey can be challenging by itself. For certain individuals, it is necessary to have specialized, individual training. I will customize a routine and give you the individual attention you need to achieve your fitness goals. Get started now!

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Partner Training


You don't always have to do it alone. Sometimes working out with someone can make it easier and more fun. You can sign up with friends, co-workers, or family members. I can also pair you with a partner(s). "The more the merrier." Get started now!

Partner Training
Skype/FaceTime Training


With today’s busy work and traveling lifestyles, it’s understandable that not everyone can work out in a traditional, routine setting such as a gym. Being able to train online is essential to connecting with your trainer and remaining disciplined to a routine. With today's technology (e.g. Skype, FaceTime), you are just a few clicks away from completing your workout no matter where you are. Boom! Get started now!

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To get started, fill out the form on my Sign Up page to set up your complimentary, in-person fitness assessment. This process will give you the opportunity to establish your personal goals. Using your current weight and body measurements as a starting point, I will design a personalized corrective and performance-enhancing program that will address your needs as well as your goals. 

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