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Salsa with ME!  (Metabolic Exercise)



Salsa with ME! (Metabolic Exercise) is a metabolic conditioning (group) class I’ve designed to incorporate both challenging, high-intensity, full-body anaerobic exercises along with fun salsa moves & music to: burn fat, build lean muscle, increase metabolism, and practice salsa dancing while getting in fantastic shape! 


We take a break and refuel with my homemade nutritional, energy drink: Boom Shake (water based shake w/ high fiber vegetables, fruits, whey protein, almond butter, cinnamon, cocoa, and Non-fat Greek yogurt) to replenish your energy needs with a great taste. Boom! Then we finish off w/ salsa dance steps aerobics for 30mins and stretching. 


This class is designed to introduce you to my style of fitness training; along with nutrition (energy/protein smoothie included) and (salsa) cardio to assure you will attain your fitness & lifestyle goals. The cardio part is also a good way to practice for the salsa dance socials & classes, as well. A good balance of fitness training and fun, cool salsa moves while you're getting in shape.  Boom!





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