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Here are a few of my clients...

Alton Brown, client

Lost 50 pounds in 9 months, and has kept it off!


Alton Brown, Writer, Editor, Food Geek 

"Having a fitness trainer like Roger Scott has really helped me understand nutrition and tone my body in ways I never thought possible. My fitness routines are always fun and challenging and include kettlebells, suspension straps, body-weight training, cardio workouts, and variations on activities I currently enjoy like salsa dancing and biking. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition, especially how small but meaningful nutritional changes make a huge difference. What I appreciate most is that Roger takes the time to both train and educate me about health and fitness. As a Weight Watchers Lifetime member, this is priceless and could not have come at a better time in my life, as I was searching for new and exciting ways to maintain my weight loss. I highly recommend him – he is more than a fitness trainer, he is a health and fitness partner, too!"


Maria – Strategic Planning, Compliance, and Investor Relations Expert

Mike Blake, client

"Best fitness trainer in Atlanta. Highly recommend. Great results working with him."


Mike, Audio Engineer

Christa Fioresi, client

"Who knew that working out could be so much fun? Roger is very motivating while helping me break through my fitness plateau. Definitely recommend!"


Christa, IT Project Manager

Judy and Randy

"We met Roger through a wonderful trade off of needs – and because I have had a stroke, my needs were especially great. Roger has been thoughtful, thorough and tenacious at guiding my husband and I to get in better shape. We took a trip to Africa last December. For several weeks before, Roger worked with us diligently and what a difference it made in our ability to deal with walking, getting on and off planes, and in and out of cars. He is a very personable and talented trainer!"


Judy and Randy (both 77 years young)

Judy and Randy

"I told Roger on Day 1 that I didn’t do real push ups. Only 2.5 months later I did 30 real push ups!"



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