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About Me

            Personal Training


Starting off on your fitness journey can be challenging by itself. For certain individuals, it is necessary to have specialized, individual training. I will customize a routine and give you the individual attention you need to achieve your fitness goals.

          Group / Partner Training

You don't always have to do it alone. Sometimes working out with someone can make it easier and more fun. You can sign up with friends, co-workers, or family members. I can also pair you with a partner(s). "The more the merrier."

            Online Training


With today’s busy work and traveling lifestyles, it’s understandable that not everyone can work out in a traditional, routine setting such as a gym. Being able to train online via Skype or FaceTime is essential to connecting with your trainer and remaining disciplined to a routine. With today's technology, you are just a few clicks away from completing your workout no matter where you are. Boom!

I'm a National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) certified personal fitness trainer dedicated to helping my clients make fitness and nutrition a holistic journey (lifestyle) and not merely a destination (goal). Originally from South Jersey, I served in the U.S. Navy and since have earned a Bachelors degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Sports Nutrition. 


Not only has fitness and nutrition always been a part of my life, they were instrumental in saving my life. Late January 2012, I was infected with Bacterial Meningitis and underwent brain surgery. During surgery, my heart rate fell to 20 beats per minute (nearly a flat line). The doctors said my strength and health pulled me through the surgery. After only three months of therapy, I was cleared to resume training with a renewed focus and energy, on a mission to make people aware that it is not difficult to make changes in your life when it comes to fitness and nutrition. 


Since the surgery, I have made several notable appearances, including a television debut on the Food Network Channel show Good Eats playing Clarence in the Another Man Food Show: Breakfast episode; an interview in IDEA Fitness Journal, January 2012 issue along with client Alton Brown (writer, editor of the Food Network, "Alton Brown Talks Food & Fitness"); a theatrical debut in Community Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia as Mitch in "Strength & Vulnerability"; and a film debut as a Peacekeeper in The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire released November 2013.


In addition, I am an avid salsa dancer (salsero), mainly cuban "casino" style salsa (casinero), and I'm very active in attending salsa dance studios/socials throughout the metro Atlanta area. This unique experience in dancing salsa helps me to connect with and encourage clients to have effective and challenging cardio/anaerobic activity while getting in shape. My Salsa with ME (Metabolic Exercise) is a metabolic conditioning class I’ve designed to incorporate both challenging, high-intensity, full-body anaerobic exercises along with fun salsa moves to burn fat, build lean muscle, increase metabolism, and learn salsa while getting in fantastic shape!

The commitment and presence I bring as a former Naval airman, actor, and salsa dancer is the same that I bring as a personal fitness trainer and expert. Those personal experiences have fueled my passion to help my clients incorporate fitness and nutrition programs that promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle. I am ready to help you start your personal fitness journey, so don't wast another minute. Request a free consultation/evaluation today! 

Roger Scott Certified Personal Trainer

Roger Scott, Certified Personal Trainer

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