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Healthy Cooking
Healthy Eating
Nutritional Advice


Having a properly designed nutritional plan is as important as the exercise program; even more.


I customize individual nutrition plans based on lifestyle factors, current nutrition habits and personal goals and work with you along the way by:


  • Helping you with a grocery list so you don't get overwhelmed.

  • Posting snacks ideas, food and drink recipes.

  • Keeping in contact on a weekly basis to ensure clients are following nutrition plans.

  • Troubleshooting with clients when they’re on the road or eating out.

Cardiovascular Workouts
Cardiovascular Workouts
Cardiovascular Workouts


According to the American College of Sports Medicine,"Cardio, or cardiovascular exercise, is any activity that increases heart rate and respiration while using large muscle groups repetitively and rhythmically." It is an aerobic activity, aerobic means "with oxygen", while anaerobic means "without oxygen". Your body is utlizing oxgyen to burn calories, where as, in anaerobic training, carbohydrates are used to burn calories. There are all types of cardio workouts - high impact examples are running, jumping rope and intense dance aerobics; low-impact examples include walking, hiking and moderate aerobic dance; and no-impact examples are swimming and biking. 


I can incorporate cardiovascular workouts into any environment, that are right for you and your fitness goals. You can even have fun and enjoy long, cardio workouts for a change!

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