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Metabolic Training Decoded

Metabolic training is the combination of short high-intensity (combination) exercises that stimulate your metabolism during and after a workout. In short, you will feel like you’ve been sprinting or that you’ve been in a tug of rope for over a minute. It creates the highest after burn (revs up your metabolism). You’ll be exhausted and sweating after this (typically) 20-minute workout; however, you’ll see results fast!

Think of the difference between a sprinter and a long distance runner. Sprinters are usually more fit and muscular, whereas distance runners are lean (not necessarily fit). The difference is in the training - sprinters use the anaerobic energy system and long distance runners use the aerobic energy system.

Anaerobic (without oxygen) exercises are less than 2 minutes in duration. The main energy source is carbohydrates, which are stored in the muscles as glycogen, to burn fat. The high intensity anaerobic workouts will burn carbs and indirectly increase metabolism to burn fat. You’ll burn more fat while spending less time working out. Boom!

Aerobic (with oxygen) exercises are more than 2 minutes in succession. The main energy source is fat. Fat needs oxygen to burn completely so in order to burn fat during an exercise you must move slowly and smoothly. This will enable muscle cells to be supplied with enough oxygen to continue with its aerobic capacity and utilize fat as the main energy source. However, long periods of aerobic exercise will produce high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and, over a long period, will equate to a lower metabolism and softer muscle tissue. This makes burning fat harder and is often the reason very active and slim people end up with soft-flab of body fat and are not as fit or muscular. It’s still an effective style of training as long as it is used in low-intensity training combined with high-intensity anaerobic (metabolic) training and, of course, a proper nutrition plan. Boom!

In conclusion, metabolic training is an effective, multi-faceted option to losing weight (short-term) and maintaining a holistic, balanced approach in your health journey (long-term). In my next segment, I’ll answer your question about...

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